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Cycle Touring – What is it Really Like?
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Know some basic bike skills, especially how to fix a flat. Learn how to take off the wheel, fix a chain, and make adjustments to the seat and handlebars.

Plan to stop and take breaks. Enjoy the sights, take photos, and give yourself a chance to rest your legs.

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Dutch Bike Tours provided us with four different methods of navigation: Number cards see explanation below , print out directions, regional bike map, and GPS. At first I thought this was over-kill, but each system seemed to work better at different points in the journey. About the number system in Belgium and Holland: The network of bike routes in these countries can be navigated by going from one intersection to the next, and each intersection has a number.

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  • Thinking of bike touring? Start here.
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Using the intersection numbers method was relatively effective once we knew what to look for. There were a couple instances, however, when we reached one intersection and saw no signs for the number that was supposed to follow. There were also a few time where the intersection sign was missing or we just never found it. Early on, we were mistaking some of the signs — thinking we had arrived at intersection 4 for example and looking for the next number on our list, when in reality, the sign was directing us onward toward 4.

Ironically, when the numbers system was working well, the GPS were often telling us to go a different way. I recommend using the numbers system first along with the printed directions. Another hiccup we had early on was not realizing that the number sequence on our card was slightly different than our printed directions for the day.

It turned out that there were two route options for that particular leg of the journey, which had us very confused when we came across the discrepancy mid-route. From then on, we made sure to check our number card against the printed directions so that everyone would be on the same page.

Thinking of bike touring? Start here

We learned quickly that surprisingly few places accept credit cards, even those that have the required chip and travel notification. Since we only tour independently, this book might be a little less interesting if you only want to take an organised tour. The Bike Touring Survival Guide is a digital download. You can pay securely with a credit card or with your Paypal balance. You can download it as soon as you buy it.

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Getting Ready (packing, planning, finding a route); Gear Tips (which bike to buy, what to pack); Daily Logistics (where to sleep, what to eat); Challenges (dogs. Buy Bike Touring Survival Guide: Read 42 Kindle Store Reviews -

When you download the book, you get all 3 formats PDF, mobi and ePub in a single zipped file. To read the book, simply unzip the file we use iZip on our iPad and open the file you want to use. The mobi file can be read with any Kindle eReader or Kindle app free to download , and the ePub opens in a variety of programmes such as iBooks on Mac devices or apps such as the NOOK reading app.

Cycle Touring Tips: Don't Let These Common Obstacles Stop You!

Is There A Print Version? Not yet. Why Is It So Affordable? The Bike Touring Survival Guide is one of the best value books about bike touring that you can buy. We purposely keep the price low because our main aim is to inspire and share practical information with others. The money we earn also helps us cover the running costs of the website.

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Every rider is challenged to set a personal goal based on his or her own individual abilities. Choose your favorite pass es or pick one of four popular routes. Alta Alpina would like every participant to achieve their own personal goal and our members would be glad to assist in selecting an appropriate ride for your … Continue reading. We will ride plus miles on the North Cascades Highway, climbing a total of feet over Rainy and Washington Passes, into the gorgeous Methow valley, ending our day at the … Continue reading.

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