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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Carl McKever (Present) was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to American parents. For five years, he taught and wrote . Poetic Expressions Vol. II, an album by Carl McKever on Spotify.

Listen to the Podcast! In line , Horace warns against deus ex machina , the practice of resolving a convoluted plot by having an Olympian god appear and set things right. Horace writes "Nec deus intersit, nisi dignus vindice nodus": "That a god not intervene, unless a knot show up that be worthy of such an untangler".

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Perhaps it can even be said that the quotability of Horace's Ars Poetica is what has given it a distinguished place in literary criticism: The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism says:. It would be impossible to overestimate the importance of Horace's Ars Poetica Art of Poetry for the subsequent history of literary criticism.

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Since its composition in the first century BCE, this epigrammatic and sometimes enigmatic critical poem has exerted an almost continual influence over poets and literary critics alike — perhaps because its dicta, phrased in verse form, are so eminently quotable. Horace's injunction that poetry should both "instruct and delight" has been repeated so often that it has come to be known as the Horatian platitude.

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The Horatian platitude is usually given as "instruct and delight", but sometimes as "instruct or delight". The first reading implies that all literature must be instructive.

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A related ambiguity is that "instruct" might be better translated as "help", "advise", or "warn". Horace repeats this maxim in different wordings: "Aut prodesse uolunt aut delectare poetae aut simul et iucunda et idonea dicere uitae" The poet wishes to benefit or please, or to be pleasant and helpful at the same time , "miscuit utile dulci" a mix of useful and sweet , and "delectando pariterque monendo" delighting and advising.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Different sources give various dates ranging from 19—10 BC. The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, , p. Cambridge University Press, , p.


Poetry Foundation. Retrieved Rudd, Niall, editor.


Jun Despite some criticism of the Virgilian dactylic hexameter meter with which Longfellow experimented in Evangeline , the poem proved enormously successful. I would like to say thank you for your wonderful contest. Temko eds. Nadaff, R. Longfellow returned to this theme three years later in his last major prose composition, Kavanagh, A Tale

Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics. Cambridge University Press.

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January 26, Leitch et al. New York: W. Harvard: Loeb Classical Library, , p.