Lifes Journey: Pain Is Love

How To Fall In Love With Your Life’s Journey And Make It Yours
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It keeps you grounded in truth and can lead toward real happiness. For me, this journey for heart-opening started while practicing Kundalini breath work. After an intense practice with Hari Kaur, we all felt like a ball of love and light. I realized then, however, it is impossible to hold it, to grasp it, because, as soon as you do, you lose it.

It's a practice you need to do all the time, every day, like strengthening a muscle. So along the road, on this journey towards love, stop seeing the failure in people. Embrace the feeling of love and hold it close to your open heart and be at peace. And, of course, you must take care of yourself in this process and make sure your values remain intact. For me, the journey towards intimacy and true love includes being honest with myself and accepting my own imperfections first, so that I can be openhearted towards another human being.

We also need to be comfortable with all the mess that comes with another person and love them unconditionally. Being tender with their pain and scars and not judging them, rather loving them enough that they can choose to overcome their samsara or pain is an obstacle we must face on this journey to true love. One last thought: Experiment and look into someone's eyes, even a stranger. You might just see their soul. To learn more about Osi Mizrahi, please visit her website , Facebook , and Twitter.

For more by Osi Mizrahi, click here. For more on emotional wellness, click here. Osi shares her knowledge in Yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle practices that build and nourish the home within.

18 Quotes about Love Being a Journey (The Beginning, Middle & End)

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Heart of Fire: An Intimate Journey of Pain, Love and Healing

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18 Quotes about Love Being a Journey (The Beginning, Middle & End)

Close Icon. Filed under Quotes , Relationships , Spirituality , Trust. Buck Hinckley Monson Tell me: Which of these quotes about love is your favorite? My wife taught me that forgiveness is a daily thing. For her it was important to not let the night pass into a new day without resolving our difference.

Saint Paul also teaches this.

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Outcomes of our work or actions. A Journey Within Me. She is such a blessing to so many young women. What you chase is what you'll never find. In other words; a good life is not about giving a fuck about more things, but rather, only giving a fuck about the things that align with your personal values. Tymeka E.

Because of her insistence on this daily reconciliation we never grew far apart. Another thing we learned to do later in life was to pray together each morning and evening.

The Journey is The Reward – Turning Pain into Love

Respect for each other is an important dimension of love. To do this we must let our spouse have their freedom to do what they want. We have to respect their unique and personal interests.

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We have to show our delight in their pursuits and achievements. We must first express ourselves in a way that shows respect and brings joy, communicating an understanding of our respect and caring for them.

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  • Life's Journey: Pain Is Love!

We cannot know what is hidden deep in their soul, but we can assume that buried there is pain, difficulties and torments. We must therefore be very careful to not unknowingly hurt their soul. Then it is possible for the Holy Spirit to work in both our hearts.

When someone shows you the love of God, kindness, and delicacy of feeling, this is communion with God. When our hearts are open we see the humanness in each other and then become sensitive to the failings we both have and have compassion. We recognize that neither of us is perfect. From this humility comes kindness, understanding and forgiveness. We can then help each other in our struggle. Marriage is made beautiful by acknowledging our human condition, having hope and being strengthened by our difficulties.

It is a spiritual journey of two people who have been joined in a union by the Holy Spirit.

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We become one and have the capability of complimenting one another because of our differences and imperfections. Marriage is a journey of love based on kindness and respect.

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Saint Peter also gives us insight about the nature of this union. He reminds us of the innate difference between men and woman. He tells us that men have a different psychology and tend to be more self-centered and more easily tempted to become angry as their ego is challenged.