The Healing Power of Kindness, Vol. 1: Releasing Judgment

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It is hoped that this little book will serve to remind us all of the need to be kind, the spiritual principle par excellence. Books Expand menu Collapse menu. Download Expand menu Collapse menu. Programs Expand menu Collapse menu. Introductory Lecture Seminar Weekly Class. Other Expand menu Collapse menu. The Healing Power of Kindness-Vol. As a business, Alinea also created a recovery mechanism for noshow reservations. For instance, a Tuesday evening dinner will be less pricey than a Saturday evening dinner think: Uber surge charge.

The Tock app has become a business unto itself with revenue coming from hundreds of restaurants choosing to replace their own reservation process. Because treatment would take his taste - the one sense that was core to his identity — Grant chose not to do anything and in doing so was choosing a rapid death. While at first he was distraught, Grant returned to the purpose of Alinea and realized that he must still innovate. While already acknowledged as one of the best in the world, he found a new level of magic as a chef. That sustainability can even spread beyond the four walls of the workplace and leak into the lives and health of the team.

Purpose and Innovation are not only undeniably intertwined, they are everything. If you want to be an even better innovator, do the necessary digging to identify that deeper resonant purpose for your work and then watch how you inspire those around you. People can make products in China, sell them in Europe and ship them to North America. Imagine in this new world that money flows easily and payments for goods and services can be sent and received instantly without the assistance of banks or brokers.

Imagine a world where our refrigerator can order our groceries which are delivered by a self-driving car. Imagine this new world when the construction engineer can walk through a building from half a world away. Many of these innovations, which could only be imagined in your favourite sci-fi, are now made possible though Blockchain.

The simplest explanation I have found that explains what a blockchain is comes from Reuters1: A blockchain is a database that is shared across a network of computers. Once a record has been added to the chain it is very difficult to change. To ensure all the copies of the database are the same, the network makes constant checks. The technology is much more complicated in practice. Many blockchains are a form of DLT but not all.

Back to the simple explanation. The blockchain is a database that is shared by many computers. The parts require a Record any type of information , the Block a bundle of records and the Chain all the blocks linked together. Blockchain explained. Database technology is nothing new nor are the storage of electronic records. The blockchain is a special type of database because everyone using it shares AND monitors the same information.

The databases, as we generally know them today, are owned by our banks, our governments, coffee shops, grocery stores and nearly every business or organization that collects data. The information in these databases is kept as secure as possible and only shared under strict circumstances. Though this is the general concept, every blockchain can handle the records differently to serve their purpose. Some are kept private while others are available for everyone to review. In real life, the records that your bank keeps about your savings account is a centralized database which is owned and managed by the bank.

The bitcoin that you may have used to buy something is on a distributed blockchain which is managed by every node on the chain. Why should you care? The first reason is data security. A centralized database must be kept secure behind firewalls and elaborate passwords. These are still vulnerable to attack. In order to break in, a hacker would have to break in to every node on the chain to change the data. Bitcoin is the most recognizable tech built using blockchain. There are many other notable cryptocurrencies built on blockchains in addition to many types of applications all using blockchain.

The question I set out to answer is Blockchain a boom, bust or a breakthrough? To answer that question and looking forward, we need to take a look backwards at the evolution of the Internet. Fast forward to 27 years later to when the modern email routing system was developed. By December the Internet only had 16 million users and more than doubled. The internet has more than 4. To put that in perspective, there is an estimated 28 million3 blockchain wallet users since the technology first emerged in It took the internet close to 27 years to attract the same number of users.

The Internet was born from a decentralized network whose first widely adopted technology on the platform was email. The blockchain was born into a distributed network where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the first widely adopted technology. The answer to the question of Boom, Bust or Breakthrough leans towards Boom. But the rise and fall of the trading price of Bitcoin tells another story.

Who created Bitcoin? The first Bitcoin specification and proof of concept was published in in a cryptography mailing list by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi left the project in late without revealing much about himself. Source: bitcoin. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just one type of use case for Blockchain.

How might this innovation be a breakthrough? It provides real-time access to information to all the parties involved, and the ability to lock down information so that no single party can make changes that benefit only them. Blockchain will introduce new business models, like the internet did 20 yrs ago.

It has already had an impact in gaming, social media and internet browsing by eliminating costly content advertisers and giving the users of these platforms control over their experience. It will give the buyer full transparency in product origin, costs and contents. It will give businesses the ability to instantly audit any business transaction. On the flip side, sellers will be able to use their internet browser and connect to buyers anywhere in the world through blockchain enabled networks that verify both buyers and sellers. This should reduce their cost of sale significantly.

So in a way, the job of brokers, sales and marketing people will be transformed too. We will also see a shift and impact to consultants that get hired today to confirm information such as a land titles, deeds on behalf of a 3rd party. Those jobs will be highly enhanced by the assistance of intelligent computers in the future. The reach of impact for Blockchain technologies is deep. Q: What types of benefits have you observed for companies who have incorporated blockchain technologies into their business? Q: How does the status quo of doing things culture, infrastructure, convention need to change to realize the full benefit of what blockchain may facilitate?

They, together, are revolutionizing our future. Autonomous vehicles, Siri, VR for everything from gaming to buying a home and blockchain as the backend database that stores and controls all of this communication, means a future where humans will rely more and more on computers to execute daily tasks such as buying groceries, going to work, eating out and even travelling. That means kids who are 5 yrs old today may never need to learn how to drive So we need to start looking at social and economic impacts these technologies will.

Just like the Internet has progressed through some significant booms by connecting the world through communication, it has also sunk with significant busts like the dot com bubble. The lifetime value of the Internet has provided many breakthroughs. If there ever was a crystal ball that could predict the future; this is it.

The development and growth of Blockchain has closely mirrored that of the Internet and all we need to grasp the future is to look at the past. Blockchain will do for business and commerce what the Internet has done for communications. Admittedly, I may not be the most intriguing person around, but is that not simply rude? Perhaps you are more interesting than I and this has never happened to you. We are all grouped into Gen X, millennials, boomers and whatever else we call ourselves generationally. By default, this gives permission to misbehave on the most primal human behaviour.

Are we better off with all this connectivity? Perhaps we are reaching everyone but connecting with no one. How does this affect those around us and those relationships, personal and business? Do we even care or is this just simply how it is, in our. When we spin this complex issue of connectivity and responsiveness into the work place where business owners are expected to know everything.

We need to plan social media campaigns, blog regularly, post here, tweet there, build our online presence,. And on. I challenge the new status quo at the business level. What about picking up the phone and talking our most impactful customers? Whether pertinent to your business or not, could we be forgetting about the human aspect of business relationships with the social media influx? If your business is solely online and tied directly to social media, not all of this applies, but some of it will.

I am guessing you still employ people, still have vendors you purchase from who are people , and interact with certain customers in some way who are people or have investors most of them are people. Yes, really smart people have built algorithms to display advertising that was previously searched, but these algorithms are not fool proof. Just because an advertisement magically appears does not mean the reader wants to see it.

By reaching every possible customer in every way via social. Have we lost real or potential customers because of our social media presence, however well intentioned? In business, it is a never ending exercise to grow. This is the engaging aspect of business. When we get the honor to talk to paying customers face to face, we should be paying attention to their words and the dialog we are engaged in. The cost of customer acquisition is high. We should be engaging with people rather than checking our phones for something more interesting.

I am sure you or your employees have never checked an email under the table or had to turn off your ringer while in a meeting. Your customer never noticed, right? Social media is a very powerful and influential way to grow business and engage with customers. It is addictive. It is exciting. It is alluring. It is productive. It is worthy of a thoughtful strategy to ensure it is implemented correctly. It can also be damaging when misused. There are many ways to engage with customers and no one can argue that online is a strong method of marketing, when done right.

The impetus for this article was a recent dialog I had with a person much more informed than I about online brand marketing and the use of social media. It was an eye-opening conversation that made me realize the complexity of building an online presence from someone that has done it.

Like any profession, it takes dedicated time to master a skill and social media marketing and online brand development are skills in and of themselves. Be aware that specific expertise is perhaps more important than generic activity when developing your overall strategy and tactical implementation plan for your business around social media. Magazine contains stories about, resources for, and information about Mental Illness and Mental Wellness.

Not our Children Raising a child is one of the most challenging jobs we will ever undertake. A child is born with one or more parents, each of whom bring with them a lifetime of beliefs, values and behaviors they have inherited or developed along their journey. Our baggage increases as our journey continues and our children have an incredible ability to unlock and open the baggage on us daily.

They are here, among us, they are us and we are them. We all survive, and many of us thrive but are we truly engaged in the experience our children offer us? We are their caretakers, the ones responsible to nurture their personhood. Our job is not to create individuals we approve of, who make us proud because we have established goals and standards to which they are adhering. Rather, our role is to see who they show us they are, as individuals in their own right, to love them and nurture them regardless of the choices they make. We are no more or less than any other human we encounter on a daily basis.

Children are products of their village, a reflection of all those individuals that play a role in their lives. The children of our village communicate with us daily, from the very first interaction we have with them they are giving us feedback about the world they are experiencing.

Radical Kindness: The Life-Changing Power of Giving and Receiving by Angela Sant

Are we listening, really listening? How are we responding? Are we unconditional in our. I know by instinct we will all respond with a resounding yes. That is the right answer after all, but I challenge this response with the evidence of so many of our young people living marginalized lives, on the fringe of society. When children decide they can no longer relate with their family and community they will rise and make decisions for themselves. There are so many reasons why this may occur. I would love to give you a list of all the reasons young people choose to live as part of a subculture that we may not understand or agree to.

There are the obvious culprits: dysfunction, turmoil, abuse, addictions, family breakdown, poverty, privilege, abandonment etc. All of which lay blame and create yet another box to segregate people from one another. They become our checklist as parents to rationalize the life we have created for our children.

It provides answers that make us feel better or worse about the lives our young people live. We are either proud parents who brag about our children or parents who wonder, worry and disengage from our young people. They live lives that are often entangled in crime, addictions and homelessness. Their clothing, music, friends and behaviors concern us and appall us. We cross the street and look away when we see them. These are our young people. They have something to say.

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The onus is on all of us. The question is not Why are they there? What if instead, we looked at each child as an individual of worth, with a voice of their own? Inclusion is not a word or idea, it is an action. This is our call to action. In the 30 years of days we have listened to young people making their choices to get off the street, the truth we hear the most often is that young people do not feel heard. The long list of behaviors and messages absorbed by children and young people lead them to conclude that they do not belong.

Who is paying attention to the experience of a child or youth living in fear and sadness and anger and defense because they do not understand the ways they are treated by others? This is not psychology. This is being human. Where are we? Do we only see the children whose birth certificate holds our name? How have we contributed to the conclusions of these young people? They are not making stuff up. They are living out the direct impacts of the choices made by adults in their lives.

Children mirror the society that raises them. Attempts to include a child once they have been excluded are complex because the initial learning of the child is real and emotional and solidly in their brain. Our every word, every action, every experience is critically impactful in the learning brain of a child. Forgive and forget is not an operative in any way. Their brains store all things for further reference.

Changing deep learning is a long emergency. It is a social crisis in our society to know how many children have been harmed by the choices of adults. Until we begin to talk out loud about what we know, nothing will change. Rehearsing the rule that children must obey persons taller than they are must be challenged. Respect is taught starting with the way you hold a baby. That profound responsibility does not change throughout their lives. Children are persons. They will listen after they feel listened to. Our role in being human is only that: to listen and respect the children we see and know.

We need to learn from them. Their capacity to love is boundless. We just need to restore and protect their trust. Our richest resource is our young people. We have the honor and responsibility to nurture them to do the great things they imagine and to lead us forward to a future built stronger because of their learning from us.

What do we need to make a recovery or to heal? What is the best way to start the process? Your Doctor can recommend someone or somewhere, friends and family can try You can start by talking to a counsellor, therapist or doctor. Can you choose? To make therapy work both the therapist and the patient need to be a match, it is a healing relationship, a relationship built off of trust.

Below is a letter explaining how a match and having funding available can lead to the start of recovery. Dear Patreon Thank you for your lifeline. You are my silent hero. My name is Alex and I have struggled with mental illness for as long as I can remember. Was I born this way? Perhaps, I do come from a long line of broken souls. Or was it developed? Regardless of how I became this way I am lucky that I have always had a drive to get better. In times of good fortune I could pay for my therapy. This would allow me to see the therapist of my choosing. Somebody I could build trust with.

It takes time to find that therapist and it also takes time to build trust. However, I never had enough money to be with a therapist long enough. In times of misfortune I would struggle to exist. Often it would start with exhaustion because I would be over working and over compensating. I would do this because I felt inadequate and also I had come to expect highs and lows in my life. So when I was doing well I would work doubly hard to save, store and gain momentum in case I crash and burn.

Like a squirrel that hoards and prepares for the long dark winter. I once described my depression as swirling a drain made out of a cheese grader. Trying not to get sucked in and sliced up. No matter what, somehow there has always been the littlest flame that refused to go out. A need to live. So I would reach out for help. Without therapy, I may have died a thousand times. I was able to scrape enough money together to help or find another resource but never long enough or consistent enough to fan that little flame in to a fire. I would have to make due with the little bit of time I had.

Just enough to keep the flame going a little longer. These therapists or temporary therapies would offer me tools to cope. But after a while I started to wonder if carrying around a heavy massive bag of tools was the right healing for me. I want to cure the pain. I have waited and existed for a long time in my search for the cure. Enter stage left, Steve Archambault.

The first time I met Steve was not in a Therapy capacity, not intentionally at least. He was my boss.

Worship: “The Healing Power Of Kindness”

I had an instant respect for him. He taught me important things like, there is a big difference between being a manager and a leader. That growing your own garden is a smart business practice. The other interesting thing about Steve was his amazing ability to see right through people. I often wondered if.

Though he had this amazing ability to see through people and really see them in their entirety, he never used it against anyone. He was never afraid to see every person reach their highest potential. That was the key component that gave me the trust in our work relationship and our friendship. Steve went on to reach his goals and I left the company to do the same. I was doing well. Still struggling but I had my giant bag of coping tools. I was having a long run of good mental health. I had money in the bank, my debts all paid off. I was really in a safe place and well prepared for the eventual typical crash.

But I had no idea what was coming. All of a sudden my life changed. February 9th of I had a stroke. Just imagine for a moment. I had struggled my entire life with mental illness and now I had to struggle with a broken brain. Up until that point I used all of my brains ability to function the best I could. To ad insult to brain injury, I lost the ability to hide my mental illness from the world because along with most brain injuries comes the inability to control your emotions. I felt like a deformed turtle without its shell. I lived in the hospital for 3 months putting my physical self back together.

I healed well. But out in the real world I was suffering. I could not relate physically or emotionally to the world around me. I lived in fear and paranoia of the world around me. In this state I still managed to work towards independent living. That took 4 years. I finally got my own place. I was excited and scared.

Spiritual Healing

I struggled to live on my own with a brain injury. The fear got the better of me and I became a recluse. I started to realize I needed a new approach. Steve and I touched base every once in a spell over the years and I had heard that he was now working in therapy with a hypnosis format. Eventually we connected. We met at a coffee shop. It may as well have been a war zone. I rarely left my house at that time. I only heard about half of what he was saying. The entire time I was screaming in my body. I was trying to keep my composure.

My bones were rattling in my skin from anxiety. This woman sat close to us and it felt like she was trying to attack me. I hoped I looked normal. I took in the information I could.

See a Problem?

The Healing Power of Kindness, Vol. 1: Releasing Judgment [Kenneth Wapnick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The idea for this book. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and one 1: Releasing Judgment - Kindle edition by Kenneth Wapnick.

Both for my own benefit and also because I was happy for Steves awesome journey. I went home. I lost everything after my stroke including the ability to work a stable job. I was now on AISH. As much as I was a recluse, I was very lonely.

  1. Origine du nom de famille BLAZY (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition).
  2. 3 Words to Change Your Neural Pathway: I love You.;
  3. Abertura e Toccata - Viola.
  4. What is Spiritual Healing.

I found myself in a relationship. So I called Steve. I told him what he already knew. The irony in this surfaces later in therapy. Clearly my reasons for finally getting therapy with Steve where backwards but no matter the reason, I was ready. Steve agreed to work with me and allowed me to receive treatments with a cost I could afford. He found me a benefactor through Patrion.

This was important to me because pride often gets in my way. I would pay Steve what I could afford and the Patreon Benefactor made up the difference. It took a few sessions to establish a deeper trust and fully realize I was safe. We worked on some surface stuff and reestablishing tools to cope in day to day life.

When I was ready, I asked Steve to help me actually heal not just cope. We spent the next year doing intense therapy with hypnosis. Straight back to the beginning. It was hard, frightening and worth every pants shitting moment. I have gotten more out of that first year than I had in all the years of therapy with all the different treatments and medications. I now live a relatively normal life. I feel safe most of the time. I love myself for the first time ever,sometimes. I am medication free. I continue to grow. I have aspirations, hope, goals.

Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment?

In this universe those who tapped into the green light were known as the Lightsmiths of the Green Light of Resolve. Our emotions will find an outlet somewhere. The reach of impact for Blockchain technologies is deep. Some days I forget, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day stresses. Save my data for the next time I comment.

I have reconciled with my post stroke brain and learned to see that event as a blessing. I am writing a book, exploring new career paths. I am on a journey that will eventually lead to me being a Patrion Benefactor for someone else one day. Whats most important to point out is, that I could not have made this journey without continuity of care and a therapist that was the right fit. I financially could not have afforded to take the first few sessions to simply create trust. I could not have afforded to start my intense therapy and had extra healing and support sessions in-between.

We opened a can of worms and had no idea how long it was going to take to get through this. Because of Patreon supporters, I could take all the time I needed. I still see Steve. We still have work to do. He has helped heal deep wounds. I have never been able to do this with another therapist because of the trust and financial difficulties. Even when I started to share, there was a part of me that would look for judgement or repulsion in his face.

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I never saw it. No matter what was said it was met with love and compassion. So thank you Patrion Benefactor, you are my silent hero. You money helped rebuild an entire human being. In Heart. Human beings, like plants that bend toward the sunlight, bend toward each other in an innate healing tropism. There are times when being truly listened to is more critical than being fed. It was also a book that resonated with me and how our ego gets in the way of our healing.

He then moved into the Financial Industry where he spent 20 years moving up the ladder into a Senior Leadership Sole. Mentorship and being a leader were integral in his life and he realized his real dream and passion was serving people so they could be and discover the best them. Archambault has also journeyed through his own emotions of life and he shares that journey openly which allows him to go into places with clients without judgement. But why hypnosis? While under hypnosis, it seems many people are much more open to helpful suggestions than they usually are.

Archambault offers what he calls Compassionate Pricing. Compassionate Pricing is available for anyone through application. The application will be emailed upon request. How can you help someone start the healing process. Archambault adjusts price based on monthly Patreon support. Support levels get different rewards such as early access to my blogs, early access to videos, Patreon only research, advertising for your business and much more. Some cool facts just for fun: Steven Archambault has Tattoos and plans for more. As we reduce our stress, the immune system is boosted.

Meditation significantly increases melatonin and DHEA and decreases cortisol, which has a significant impact on slowing the ageing process down. When we are able to switch off the sympathetic nervous system responsible for the fight or flight response and trigger the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for the relaxation response on a regular basis, we are training our bodies to rapidly recover from the impact of stress. Over time the brain learns how to stabilise the autonomic nervous system in everyday life without having to switch into the fight or flight response when faced with challenges or demands.

When we meditate regularly, and reduce our stress levels, our hormones balance out and we feel less reactive, less defensive and effortlessly balanced more of the time. These 2 are such games changers in our world and scientific studies reveal that our ability to be compassionate and empathetic is really a brain game. Regular meditation rewires the brain and increases our ability to be able to consider the feelings and needs of others and how we could be of service. The more you meditate the more you become aware of who you are. When we allow the mind to go beyond those.

After a short while, we experience a more quiet, calmer and dynamic sense of who we are. Regular meditation gives rise to clarity about what is important in life and a sense of confidence to make choices that enliven your passions and dissolve distractions. Life takes on greater meaning and you feel a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction. Taking time out for yourself is really important but for us to live a full rich life, we need meaningful connections with others. Nervousness, anxiety and feeling down or disorientated can play a big role in not wanting to hang out with people.

Meditation increases our ability to get out there and connect with others as a result of feeling more connected to ourselves and clearer and more confident about what is happening inside us. Meditating every now and again is great and you will notice a change with each session you do. However a regular daily practice of meditation is the key to experiencing the full force of these exponentially increasing benefits.

Mention this ad and get the first 1 hour discovery session free! It got me thinking about our relationship with water. Each of us is brought into this world via a cozy sack of fluid. Within this protected cocoon we grow and flourish until we are ready. They are there to pick up on where a slight change in your kick pattern or how your hand enters the water could improve your performance and outcome. We might be fortunate enough to take swimming lessons, which allow us to go beyond the depth of our own legs and explore the world of water in a much different way.

Some of us go on to use tools such as. Our parents may have sheltered us or maybe we ourselves held back and never tested the waters due to the stories we made up about what might be lurking just beyond. In many ways, our lives are like our relationship with water. Our first nine months are extremely protected and sheltered. Then the day comes and we born into a world that is strange and new, but our parents protect us. They help us develop our bodies and our minds with encouragement to crawl, walk, grasp, say words, etc.