Material Designs and New Physical Properties in MX- and MMX-Chain Compounds

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Kodama, W. Fujita, K. Kikuchi, J. Nakatsuji, S. Nakano, T. Mito, M. Hattori, G. Motoyama, Y. Sakai, T. Kohara, M. Yokoyama, H. Torizuka, H. Tajima, M. Inoue, N. Hanasaki, M. Matsuda, D. Yu, T. Naito, T. Jpn, 82 14 pages H. Zhang, M. Abe, Y. Zhang, G. Li, S. Osawa, and Y. Ozawa, M.

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Kim, K. Itou, A. Koizumi, and Y.

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Kishigi, K. Uno, E.

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Miyamoto, and Y. Hasegawa, "Dirac cones on the generalized honeycomb lattice," J. Yamashita, Y. Aiga, K. Toriumi, H. Mitani, and M. Akutsu, S. Yamashita, J. Nakatsuji, Y. Hosokoshi, S. Special Issue on p-Functional Materials , 23 , Akutsu, A.

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Reuven Chen. Carl L. Introduction In recent years, considerable attention has been paid to the design and synthesis of molecular materials and devices [1] being the organization of molecules a main goal in both material science and nanoscience. Biscarini, Nat. Ruthenium Oxidation Complexes.

Kawamura, J. Akutsu, Y. Maruyama, J. Matsumoto, T. Higashiyama, H. Kikuchi, T. Isono, M. Kojima, H. Yoshimoto, T. Yokogawa, H. Yoshino, K. Murata, T. Kaihatsu, H. Fujiwara, H. Satoh, S. All rights reserved. This magnitude is preserved for distances as large as nm. Additional experiments show the first direct experimental evidence of the gapless electronic structure theoretically predicted [36] for [Pt 2 dta 4 I] n chains. In solution, reversible aggregation of tetra-, hexa- and octa-metallic supramolecules has been observed at low temperatures.

These aggregations have different consequences in the solid state structures. Crystals of [Pt 2 L 4 ] show electrical behaviour characteristic of semiconductors. Furthermore, partial oxidation of [Pt 2 L 4 ] with iodine generates supramolecular 1D assemblies of formula [Pt 2 L 4 I] n based on week metal-ligand interactions. Assembly and disassembly of [Pt 2 L 4 I] n conductive structures, even at the nanoscale, allows to envisage future technological applications in molecular electronics.

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Material Designs and New Physical Properties in MX- and MMX-Chain Compounds

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Miguel, C. Gomez-Garcia, R. Zamora, Inorg. Kobayashi, T. Kojima, R. Ikeda and H. Kitagawa, Inorg. Schmidbaur and A. Schier, Chem. Pyykko, Chem. Vogler and H. Kunkely, Chem. Pyykko andY. Zhao, Angew. Jiang, S. Alvarez and R. Hoffmann, Inorg. Mehrotra and R. Dedieu and R. Hoffmann, J.

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Merz and R. Carvajal, S. Alvarez and J. Novoa, Chem. Yam and E. Cheng, Top. Puddephatt, Coord. Cheng, Chem. Gallego, A. Castillo, T. Parella, R. Mas-Balleste and F. Zamora, Cryst. Azani, O. Castillo, M.

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Material Designs and New Physical Properties in MX- and MMX-Chain Compounds. Editors: Yamashita, Masahiro, Okamoto, Hiroshi (Eds.) Free Preview. Material Designs and New Physical Properties in MX- and MMX-Chain Compounds. Editors; (view affiliations). Masahiro Yamashita; Hiroshi Okamoto. Book.

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